Aventura Parks

Tour Overview

Test your balance skills, climb, swing, zipline, and have the greatest fun and adventure all day! This is exactly what you will encounter during your visit to Aventura Parks Dubai. Its interesting challenges spread across five levels cater to people of all ages and fitness levels.

It supplies all necessary equipment and abides by particular EU safety rules, with a trained team always at your side. All of this allows you to test your boundaries in a secure and quiet environment.

What Can We Expect?

Be Ready to Engage

Aventura Parks Dubai, which spans over 35,000 square meters, offers more than 80 adrenaline-pumping challenges across five levels. Each level becomes increasingly difficult as the game progresses. This means you may quickly select a circuit that matches to your own talents and capabilities.
Furthermore, with challenges and obstacles beginning at 1.05 meters on the MiniKids course, it’s great for even the youngest member of your team.

Diverse Park Experiences

Rangers is the easiest of the five courses, with a total of 19 tasks. It is recommended for children above 1.15 meters tall. This is followed by Explorador, which consists of 17 tasks designed specifically for families and children. The following one is Thriller, which has 15 challenges and takes you to new heights with low-risk yet entertaining zipline adventures.

Aventura, on the other hand, has 15 medium-level tasks. Extreme is the ultimate of fun and adrenaline as you surfboard through the treetops and take on its 16 nerve-wracking challenges, including the 25-meter Tarzan jump.

Have Incredible Aerial Enjoyment

There are several sky-high rope challenges available to satisfy your inner daredevil. Step out of your comfort zone with the park’s Leap of Faith adventure, which asks you to climb a six-meter-high pole to reach the top. Do you want to climb to new heights? Visit the 12 meter high Himalaya climbing wall for the best panoramic views of the area. Try Cat Walk, where you walk down a board blindfolded, to put your balance abilities to the test. Another must-try adventure task for thrill seekers is Jacob’s Ladder, which requires a team of two to complete.

  • Unlimited access to its more than 80 challenges over five levels.
  • Opportunity to tree climbing, rope swinging, bridge balancing, and zipline courses.
  • Admission ticket to Aventura Parks Dubai.
  • Discover five circuits ideal for all age groups and abilities.
  • Flexibility to choose from Mini Kids Circuit, Nature Walk Experience, Leap of Faith, Cat Walk, Himalaya, and Jacob’s Ladder.
Why should I choose this?
  • Get away from the routine and visit the high ropes course at Adventure Parks inside Mushrif Park to satisfy your appetite for nature, fun, and thrill.
  • Fly through the trees, risk the 25-meter Tarzan jump, and enjoy ziplining while viewing the park’s natural surroundings in the indigenous ghaf forest.
  • With over 80 challenges, this is the ideal location for planning amazing family and team-building activities (spread over five levels).
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