Chillout Ice Lounge Dubai

Tour Overview

Take a break from Dubai’s scorching heat and come relax at the region’s coolest eating place. Chillout Ice Lounge is the Middle East’s first ice lounge, with temperatures dropping to -6 degrees Celsius throughout.
It’s a veritable winter wonderland, with everything from the interiors, chairs, tables, and walls to the spectacular decorations, which include sculptures and spikes affixed to the ceiling, made of actual ice.

Prepare yourself with thermal jackets, gloves, and fur hats before entering the venue (all included in your tickets and made available by the lounge itself.) Shiver with delight as you explore this all-ice wonderland and marvel at the gigantic ice sculptures that are lighted and lovingly constructed down to the smallest detail.
Yes, these are truly art masterpieces fashioned out of massive chunks of ice and are worth the journey in and of themselves. Prepare to be captivated by these frozen replicas of both Dubai’s landmarks and other historic wonders, including an ice throne.

After you wander around this freezing spot, you’ll sit right down to experience your welcome drink, which is more often than not its signature warm chocolate or tea/coffee, paired with your selected cakes or warm chicken BBQ specialties. You can even get creative with the aid of sipping your preferred beverages or cocktails, served chilled in an actual ice glass. So make sure you go to this wonderful Chillout Ice Lounge on your Dubai journey! Experience it for yourself what it’s like to dine in an ice-cold venue as you go from blazing 50 degrees Celsius to a top-notch chilling-6 degrees Celsius.

  • Entrance to the Chillout Ice Lounge
  • Use of thermal clothing
  • Welcome drink (Hot chocolate or Tea)
  • Chicken bbq skewers (2 pcs per person)
Why should I choose this?
  • Dine and drink at the Middle East’s first ice lounge, which is kept at -6 degrees Celsius.
  • Relax in an environment where the furnishings, walls, and decorations are all entirely carved from giant chunks of ice.
  • View the magnificent ice art creations that are illumined by brilliant lights.
  • Wear thermal clothes throughout and warm up with the lounge’s trademark hot chocolate / tea, along with chicken BBQ delights or delectable desserts.
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