Dubai Garden Glow

Tour Overview

Dubai Glow Garden in Zabeel Park is an exquisite work of art! It is the most unique and largest theme park of its type! Its Glow Park, a well-crafted massive garden with a brand-new theme in every season, allows you to experience the wonders built from biodegradable objects. So come along with us on a vacation to this fantastic place that offers not only unique family fun and entertainment but also a superb educational experience. After all, the displays on display here pulse to the beat of their one mission: to reduce carbon footprints and efficiently save the environment.

Enchant yourself with the various perspective of ‘Art by Day and Glow by Night’ and the magnificent masterpieces done by the top artists. Yes, the garden has thousands of amazing eco-friendly art installations made by over 500 creative craftspeople from across the world. Several themed areas lighted with millions of energy-efficient LED lighting and packed with interesting reproductions of practically anything conceivable, from wildlife animals and marine creatures to flowers, trees, and birds, may be found here. Take a trip through the Glow Park’s shimmering tunnels for additional inventive experiences, including Talking Tree, Happy Forest, Happiness Street, and My Dubai.

Aside from these, be sure to check out its newest additions, such as Magic Park, which will leave you speechless with its mind-bending optical illusions created using exceptional 3D art installations, and Art Park, where you’ll find the majority of the exuberant displays that are creatively finished using over 500,000 recyclable items. If that isn’t enough, the Glow Park also features live performances by worldwide, regional, and acrobats, as well as a number of enthralling shows such as Colorful World (light and laser show) and Magical Nights.

While your ticket includes admission to the Glow Park as well as the Magic Park and Art Park, you may upgrade your Dubai Glow Garden tickets to include access to the region’s first-of-its-kind Dinosaur Park and Ice Park, which recreates an extremely cool Arctic atmosphere with over 5000 tons of ice.

  • Experience Dinosaur Park, which takes you to the land of dinosaurs.
  • Discover the dazzling ‘Art by Day’ and ‘Glow by Night’ exhibits.
  • Get an extraordinary wonderful experience at Dubai Glow garden.
Why should I choose this?
  • Go for an unforgettable edutainment experience at Dubai Glow Garden.
  • Explore beautiful artworks and displays made from a variety of biodegradable materials.
  • Appreciate its unique concept: Discover its many fascinating components, such as Happy Forest and Happiness Street, by day and by night.
  • Stroll through Tunnel Vision, which is beautifully lighted.
  • Watch in the exciting acrobatic performances.
  • Join in on the fun with its attractions such as the Talking Tree.
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