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Tour Overview

For those looking for a wild day out in the midst of the desert metropolis, Dubai Safari Park is gearing up to provide a genuine wildlife experience at its 119-acre complex in Al Warqa. The first of its kind in the UAE, the concept of this park goes far beyond providing visitors with an unforgettable experience, as its primary goal is to provide an exceptionally safe and undisturbed environment for its residents, including rescued animals, through cutting-edge conservation and rehabilitation efforts.

Within its four separate sections: Asian Village, African Village, Open Safari Village, and Arab Village with a Bedouin oasis, you’ll find approximately 2500 inhabitants representing 250+ endangered species on the verge of extinction, all carefully gathered from various zoos around the world. These portions will instantly take you to the beautiful landscapes of African savannah and Arabian steppes while allowing you to indulge in several activities such as camel ride, falconry, hunting dogs, and so on. Don’t pass up the opportunity to feed giraffes or ride elephants.

The most exhilarating aspect of this park is without a doubt the drive-through safari experience in a safe and powerful vehicle. This will get you up up and personal with the freely roaming animals at Open Safari Village, including dangerous Bengal tigers, wolves, hippopotamus, and more. Furthermore, it has the world’s first crocodile drive-through display, as well as the UAE’s largest lion and elephant drive-through exhibits. There is also a 1000-seat theater where you may watch fascinating binturong and raccoon shows.

The park’s Wadi section, which is also home to a number of unusual bird and animal species, provides many leisure and dining alternatives, ranging from a skiing ground and a children’s play area to an adventure zone.

To begin with, this park is completely energy efficient, with the majority of its amenities powered by solar energy. It boasts over 100 plant kinds in its beautiful setting and is notable for its excellent trash disposal and water regeneration systems, as well as air-conditioned rocks, misting machines, and particularly cooled pools that shelter residents from the blazing summer heat.

  • Entry Ticket for Dubai Safari Park.
  • Explore the following exciting zones: Asian, Arab, African, Al Wadi, Kids Farm and the Explorer Village.
  • View more than 2500 animals from 250 species.
Why should I choose this?
  • Visit the region’s first safari park.
  • Meet animals from a variety of different species that have been kept in their natural environment.
  • Prepare to be moved to the African savannah and the Arabian steppes as you explore its four distinct regions.
  • Enjoy in fascinating activities like as elephant rides, camel rides, and giraffe feeding.
  • Enjoy the most exhilarating activity with a drive-through experience onboard a powerful vehicle.
  • Appreciate the park’s spectacular energy-efficient amenities, which are powered by solar energy.
  • There are over 100 different types of luxuriant plants in the park, as well as misting devices, cooled ponds, and air-conditioned rocks.
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