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Isn’t it true that we all want our kids to be logical? But how can we teach this knowledge to them? Take kids to Kidzania, an interactive children’s city where they can be independent, think logically, and improve their analytical abilities without putting out any effort on your part. We know it’s difficult to believe, but all it takes is a trip to Kidzania with our tours to experience it.

Encouraging education through play, Kidzania’s whole city is dedicated to developing children’s social skills as they having the time of their lives. At Kidzania, your kid can play as a police officer, a dentist, a restaurant owner, and over a hundred other characters.

Your kid can use the Kidzania currency to pay for products and services, which will help him understand the value of money, transactions, and trading.
The city contains everything a youngster needs in his everyday life, including a bank, ATM, hospitals, supermarkets, theaters, pizza shops, and more.
The best part is that all of the activities are customized to children’s height, attitude, and expectations. The youngsters come in naive, earn money via various role plays, spend it, have a great time, and then return better informed, educated, and independent. Isn’t that what we all desire as parents?

Don’t bother with the TV or the usual slides and parks; it’s time to take your kids to Kidzania and introduce them to the real world in their own unique way. We guarantee you’ll keep coming back because your kids will enjoy it.

  • Tickets to the Children’s World.
  • Over 80 role-playing activities for your child’s social development.
  • The supervisor’s guidance to assist your child get the most out of the educational city.
Why should I choose this?
  • KidZania is one of Dubai’s utmost edutainment attractions for kids.
  • It is entirely indoors and is designed to be an exact duplicate of the adult world, including with everything from banks, universities, and restaurants to hospitals and supermarkets.
  • This is a lifetime experience opportunity for your children aged 2 to 16 to role-play their future adult job.
  • KidZos, KidZania’s own money, are used to reward children for their accomplishments.
  • Although adults are not permitted to enter, an RFID security bracelet (given to both children and parents or guardians accompanying them) ensures the protection of your children.
  • It’s within the world’s largest mall (Dubai Mall), among attractions including the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, VR Park, and Dubai Ice Rink.
  • While your children enjoy KidZania Dubai, you can visit Ekart Zabeel Dubai or VR Park Dubai for some adventurous experiences. Furthermore, the Dubai Mall Aquarium, which is one of the mall’s major attractions, would appeal to visitors of all ages.
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