Museum of Illusions

Tour Overview

Visit the Museum of Illusions Dubai for a extraordinary enjoyment revel in thrown in with the elements of adventure, mystery and magic. Located within the quaint area of Al Seef, it now not simplest offers a alleviation from Dubai’s glamorous attractions, but additionally lets you discover the arena’s biggest Museum of Illusions. So, get prepared for an brilliant academic and visual-sensual revel in as you go deeper into this global of sheer bewilderment.  Packed with 80 plus modern and uncharted exhibits, the museum will preserve you guessing proper from the moment you drop in right here. From thoughts-bending optical illusions and didactic rooms to tough puzzles and exciting wooden games, its many interactive highlights will take your breath away at the same time as urging yourself to reconsider your perceptions on technological know-how and truth.

After all, what your eyes take in here may not be understandable to your brain.  Discover the fascinating repertoire of hologram shows and be in awe at the Infinity Room. Let your gray cells become active and invigorated as you carefully watch the complicated illusions and strive difficult to unravel the mystery in the back of them. Check out the Mirror of Truth to know how others take a look at you and similarly head to the unbelievable Ames Room to peer your self and your accomplice appear like a dwarf or massive relying on which corner of the room you stand.

Dare a trip through the Vortex Tunnel if you’re feeling daring. Despite its solid and sturdy base, it will give you the impression that you are travelling through a whirling tunnel, making it nearly impossible to retain your every step forward.

Aside from these, don’t miss out on its fascinating Chair Illusion, Anti-Gravity Room, Albert Einstein’s Hollow Face, Kaleidoscope, and the magnificent Head on a Platter illusion. Come prepared to fit in with the jaw-dropping exhibitions displayed at this all-age institution, as this is not your typical museum! A camera with plenty of memory capacity is, of course, a must-have for your stay here.

  • Admission to the Museum of Illusions in the Al Seef neighborhood.
  • Unlimited access to its more than 80 interactive displays, which are suitable for people of all ages.
  • As you attentively investigate its mind-bending optical illusions, you will be challenged in your notions of science and reality.
  • Explore attractions such as the Anti-Gravity Room, Ames Room, Rotated Room, and Infinity Room to encounter the extraordinary and impossible.
  • Dare to stroll through Vortex Tunnel, which gives the impression of walking through a spinning tunnel.
  • Check out its Smart Playroom, which is filled with fun puzzles and activities.
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